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Ep 63: First-timer investor struggles with Benjamin Huang of MIT Capitals

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It's never easy for the first-time home buyer or real estate investor and Benjamin Huang explains the multi-step process he went through to replace his day job income on his first purchase. We learn the mindset shift it took to completely retire from his engineering job and replace it with full-time real estate investing, and how this led to other investors wanting to invest in his projects.


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- Introducing Benjamin Huang and what sparked his interest in real estate

- Buying assets that pay for themselves | Rich Dad, Poor Dad 

- Benjamin’s first house hack replaced his income immediately

- How real estate changes Benjamin’s thinking around his 9-5

- A message for anyone who thinks it’s not the right time for real estate investing

- Benjamin’s next step & selling his investment property

- Finding the right real estate agent for your specific needs

- Benjamin’s current real estate path and his path to larger deals

- How to connect with Benjamin

Guest: Benjamin Huang

The House of AC Host, AC, Alan Corey:

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