Ep 56: From $9 an hour to Multiple Streams of Income with Tiffany Grant of Money Talk with Tiff

Episode #56

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This episode:

In this episode of The House of AC, Alan, and Tiff discuss the journey to becoming an entrepreneur and how Tiffany transformed her life and helps others do the same. 

While working a full-time job, paying off thousands in debt, and being a single mom, Tiffany Grant, a money nerd, took a step towards financial freedom that has changed her life forever. 


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Conversation Topics:

- From $9 an hour to Multiple Streams of Income with Tiffany Grant

- Introducing Money Talk with Tiff and her start to financial freedom

- The Importance of Career Coaches and Mentors

- Growing into a career by Learning from peers

- How Money Talk with Tiff came to fruition while working full time and paying off debt

- Dismissing nay-sayers and Reverse Engineering your F.I.R.E Number Daily

- Multiple Streams of Income as an Entrepreneur

- Going to Financial Conferences, Networking, and Volunteering in your Community

- This Generation and The Cast of Ultimatum on Getting your Finances in Order

- Advice For anyone Trying to Pay off Debt and Making it a Game

- Your Money, Your Life. Changing the way you look at money

- It’s never too late to change your financial future

- Where the money mindset came from

- Get Coaching with MoneyTalk with Tiff

Guest: Tiffany of MoneyTalk with Tiff 

Website: https://www.moneytalkwitht.com/

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